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We are creative movement fanatics.

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We create personalized programs for your exact fitness needs.

Client Reviews

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Amer is a fantastic trainer who makes a one on one training experience effective, fun, and non intimidating! Since I’ve been going to Turbo Fitness I have seen incredible results which have included significant weight loss (25 pounds to be exact!), loss of inches, increased mobility and flexibility, and a major confidence boost. Try out Turbo if you’re ready for a complete lifestyle change which will get you healthier, more fit, educated on nutrition, and excited about working out!

- Doris
Amer does a great job at tailoring workouts made specifically for you. He pushes you to do out of the box workouts. He's passionate about your Results!

- Valerie
I’ve been training with Amer for almost 1 year now.  I’m stronger leaner and I look and feel better than I have in years.  I explained what my goals were when we began and Amer helped me put in the work necessary to achieve them.  He helps me focus on the areas I want to work on and keeps the sessions high impact and effective.  He also mixes up the exercises and techniques well enough to make the experience fun and spontaneous.  This is important because it keeps me engaged and helps me mentally hurdle the exercises.  Working with Amer is my 1st experience with a personal trainer and by far the most effective way I’ve ever trained.   It’s not a workout routine.  It’s a fluid, adjustable process that requires commitment inside and outside the of the studio.  Amer has and continues to help me get to where I want to be physically.  I highly recommend working with him.

- Jose